Advocacy video for UNICEF Ethiopia directed, edited, and colored by Noavi.

UNICEF Ethiopia is implementing the Improved Nutrition through Integrated Basic Social Services and Social Cash Transfer (IN SCT) within the framework of the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP), the largest Safety Net in sub-Saharan region, currently reaching 8.5 million beneficiaries throughout Ethiopia.

IN SCT tailors support to Temporary Direct Support clients of the PSNP, pregnant and lactating women part of the Public Works programme, towards implementing an integrated system approach towards Social Protection. Social Workers and Health Extension Workers are crucial stakeholders in this approach, and provides training to pregnant and lactating women.

IN SCT achieves remarkable results in the areas of keeping girls in school and pregnant and lactating women accessing health and nutrition services. The programme empowered vulnerable families to be integral part of their communities again improving their overall livelihood and food security.